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Flint Hill Market

Formerly known as Mannino’s Market TOO

Flint Hill Market is your place in the Wentzville/Troy/Moscow Mills/Flint Hill area to get fresh cut steaks, chicken, sausages, brats, fine Boar’s Head deli goods, fresh baked bread, pies and cookies, groceries and fresh produce. We also have a varied collection of local goods and organic and natural products. We would love to serve you today!


  • Butcher Shop

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Rave Reviews

What Our Customers Say

"This is a small town meat market and grocery store. They have everything you need, and the quality of their meat and deli items is top notch! The prices are very good for the quality you get. You can find cheaper meat, but not of this quality. They also sell bulk meat such as sides, quarters and variety packages. This is a place we frequent, and after your first visit, so will you!"

Steve Usery

"I routinely pass up your competition to come to you guys. Kudos for offering curbside pickup for people with health conditions. Youll have our business forever!!"

Ken Korte

"The very best in “home town”, market, old world flair, and knowledgeable/friendly staff with a tremendous aray of fine meat selections and deli cuts. Don't forget the pies!!"

William Marler

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